Stories by Title

Convenient list of titles listed by date, inclusive of one-sentence descriptions. Updated daily.

Sebastiana's Secret
Sam discovers a secret about his recently deceased lola Sebastiana. 

The Consequences of Sharing Lunch
Suspicious Sita serves her husband the afternoon he comes complaining of headache. 

Not Stolen, but Saved
Cynthia gives her father an early birthday gift.

Caught in the Act
Paul catches his girlfriend masturbating. 

La Petit Morte
In which an old man dies happy. 

Boys will be boys
Young Lucy's introduction to a man's world and its culture of violence. 

Irreconcilable Differences
*six-word story 

The note read
The teacher who left incriminating evidence of an affair with her student. 

*six-word story

Kato offers Ditta choice meat.

Paniz Pancitera
A curious little girl's first day of vicious elementary school 

Boy Eater
Aggie and his midnight snacks.

Greenwood to Weirwood
An attempt at a Lord of the Rings / A Song of Ice and Fire crossover fiction. Set in Lake Town during the Fourth Age.

Thirteen year-old Rodrik cultivates his palette.

Angel Wings
A girl gorges herself on chicken wings during class.

Half Asleep
Two girls at the end of the world.

Martin Angel
Tika comforts her guardian angel over breakfast.

Trina sells her soul. 

The Soul-Seller's Wife
Tino, likewise, sells his soul.

Gela educates her friend, Trina, on the fine art of Fellatio.

Maria and the Manananggal
On her first night alone in her own bedroom, little Maria must entertain a strange guest.

Hollow Bones
Sonia begins to fly, without her complete consent. 

Breaking Fast 
Jone's mother surprises him with a special breakfast treat.  

A Scene from the End of the World 
A middle-aged couple faces the end of the world together.

Blind Dates
Miguel begins something with Lyna despite her past with their common friend, Manda.

Keep Them Young
Five-year-old Riza waits for her guardian angel to pick her up after school.

Summer Night
Maria meets a new friend from an old, forgotten world. Same concept as Maria & the Manananggal

Gin and Words
A little girl who eats her words.

Room 304
A McDonald's delivery boy finds his girlfriend's body in a hotel room.

Not A War
Dan meets his father in an unexpected place.

Scottish Marigold with Brown Sugar & Calamansi
A love story.

Angel of Death
As a man attempts to commit suicide, his guardian angel must find a way to dissuade him. 

Divine Intervention
Same concept as Angel of Death.  

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